Is Mobile the Next Fifth Avenue? - Danielle Ackerman

The mobile space is no longer up and coming; it’s here. Consumer behavior – scratch that – Human behavior is now so inextricably linked to mobile devices that as a culture, we’ve become dependent on, religious with, and trusting in digital content. The result: A new holy grail of marketing. For luxury brands, the transition from brick and mortar to click and mortar has posed philosophical challenges. Can brands, synonymous with opulence, exclusivity and experience make the move to a handheld device? Can luxury leave the runway to be showcased on a mere 4-inch screen and still keep its coveted prestige? Luxury consumers seem to think so. They’re already in the mobile space, spending about $20 billion annually.[i] Not only are they purchasing, but they are seeking out brands, engaging with those already mobile optimized and reporting a deeper connection, proving that the experience and emotional element tied to luxury goods can exist in the mobile space. Luxury consumers also want to shop mobile. They want to simplify their life with technology[ii] and 89% enjoy purchasing digitally just as much as physically.[iii] Pulling out your smart phone to purchase the season’s must-have can be as thrilling as walking in and out of the stores on Fifth Avenue. So, could mobile be the next shopping mecca? Mobile, if done right, can support a strategy that aligns both the digital and physical components. Brands that engage mobile purchases are more likely to see those same customers purchase in store more often and spend more while they’re at it.[iv] Mobile isn’t here to replace Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive, simply enhance it. What a mobile strategy offers is the opportunity to interact intimately with consumers, on unshared devices, making messages uniquely targeted.[v] Brands stay within reaching distance and can even position themselves among the most private day-to-day affairs of consumers’ lives. And for luxury brands, getting personal is key. But mobile isn’t just a space you can show up to and hope for the best. Mobile: A mecca in its own right. Sure, getting in is easy. The mobile space offers limitless real estate; however, once you’re in, you’ve got to know what to do. It’s a lot more than a pretty store front, strategically positioned for Gucci’s overflow traffic. In my experience, what’s needed is a mobile-specific strategy. I encourage clients to approach mobile as they would with any other component of their marketing strategy – With planning and purpose. What's key is understanding the marketplace and harnessing the mobile opportunity to align with your business.

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