Ladies, Are You Ready to Slay? Here's Your Mentoring Opportunity

Let's do it together - You, me and The Women's Enterprise Centre. The WECBC is relaunching their One-To-One Mentoring Program. There are 4 intakes available with spots going quickly. It's a opportunity for all my fellow #womeninbusiness and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it all as one of the One-to-One Mentors. Bottom line - It's an opportunity to to take your business where it needs to go and slay.

For all the details, here's the posting direct from their site: Through mentoring, Women’s Enterprise Centre brings women who are in the early stages of business together with experienced business owners to create successful mentoring relationships. The purpose of One-to-One Mentoring is for entrepreneurs to learn to manage risk, to receive feedback, to open doors and develop their capabilities and skills within a framework of support. Mentors offer their knowledge and expertise to help their Mentee learn and grow. The voluntary sharing of knowledge, experiences, challenges and successes are the keys to a successful One-to-One Mentoring relationship. Read More

Click here to apply.

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