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At the core of any successful business is a strong brand. Your brand represents your values, your vision, and what sets you apart from your competitors. A well-crafted brand strategy gives you the intel you need to find your place in the market, understand your audience, and craft messaging that connects.



Connection is they key to your customers' hearts. It cultivates loyalty, trust, and recognition, which drives growth from sales, repeat business, and word-of-mouth to likes, shares, and comments. It's your opportunity to better sell your products and services, as well as your experience, reputation, and credibility.


I'm a brand strategist. I work with businesses to help them build and refine their brand, creating and communicating who they are, what they do, and why it matters, in a way that connects with their customers.


Danielle has a 15-year background in sales, marketing, and brand strategy. She has worked for companies big and small and as an entrepreneur herself. Serving over 50 clients, in 10 industries, her experience is diverse and ever evolving, giving her a unique perspective on business and the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

Danielle holds an MBA in Marketing and an Executive Certification in Digital Strategy. She is a proud mentor, serving as a 5-year mentor with WeBC, BC's leading resource for women in business, and a humble nominee for RBC's Women of Influence.

I can help


When working together, you're at the heart of it all. How we work together depends on your needs and goals. Our first call is always complementary; before we work together we chat, explore goals and see if there's a fit. Let's connect.

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HI, I'm Danielle

"when I left Danielle's office I felt positive, driven, and that my time with her was productive"

Olivia Cross, Lavish Engagements


"can draft your thoughts into the business you envision"

Sherrice Kirby | Executive Coach, Author + Speaker

"provides tangible branding recommendations"

Cindy Beam | Lexington Spa

"smart, concise business strategy"

Melissa Harris | Graphic Designer


Janine Fulla | Yellow Rose Projects Inc.

"an absolute asset to any entrepreneurial business"

Jim Piper | Art Director + Photographer

"provides vitally important ideas to implement"

Kris McCleary | Stakeholder Engagement Consultant


"Having the opportunity to work with Danielle is Brilliant!  She understood my need to breakthrough items that were holding me back in my business, helped me to see these obstacles in a new way that provided me the clarity to overcome them, move forward and grow.  Her authentic enthusiasm for my business and my goals made me feel supported and empowered." - Janine Fulla, Yellow Rose Projects

"I can't thank you enough for the support and guidance you've provided over the last 6 months. Your support has allowed me to achieve my goal of expanding my client base, which will provide me more stability and certainty, and I am very grateful for your help!" - Mentee, One-to-One Mentoring Program, BC Women's Enterprise Centre 

"Danielle has been a major contributor to many of my large scale business projects. I have relied on her expertise in brand strategy and marketing to take business concepts from ideas to reality.  No matter how simple or complex the idea, Danielle can draft your thoughts into the business that you envision. With Danielle's keen eye for possibility and her coaching talent you are guaranteed to create the strategy that will direct your business success."  - Sherrice Kirby, Executive Coach, Author & Speaker

"Danielle is an accomplished and professional business coach who has the ability to quickly assess a business and provide the right advice for the situation. She’s encouraging and provides vitally important ideas to implement, and is a pleasure to work with.  I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking business advice." - Kris McCleary, Kris McCleary Consulting

Danielle is a fabulous coach and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to make beneficial changes to their business. She understands things from the entrepreneurs’ perspective; while her ideas are big, they fit with small business. There were times Danielle worked with me to determine where I wanted to take things next and there were times I relied on her expertise to guide me. - Cindy Beam, Spa Owner

"Danielle is the epitome of an expert. She is prompt, courteous and was  in tune with our needs immediately.  Her business sense and intuition are unparalleled and unteachable. She provided tangible branding recommendations that we could apply imminently. Her ability to interpret small amounts of information in order to create a base for an amazing projected platform astounds me" - Natalie Benson, Benson Industries Ltd.

“Danielle did a fantastic job reviewing my website and business plans. She gave me one on one coaching to critique and organize my business ideas.  Danielle showed me specific items on my website that we could fix to make it more appealing to the public and easier to navigate around. She did a fantastic job of understanding the direction I wanted my business to go and gave me ideas on how to reach that goal. Throughout our meeting Danielle was friendly, easy to talk to and very organized. When I left Danielle’s office I felt positive, driven and that my time with her was productive.” - Olivia Cross, Owner, Lavish Engagements

Danielle worked tirelessly to develop and grow business relationships with tier-one clients. Her intelligence, work ethic and broad industry knowledge were inspirational. Danielle would be an absolute asset to any entrepreneurial organization that requires brand and business consultancy." -  Jim Piper, Art Director & Photographer

"I love working with Danielle. She comes up with brilliant marketing concepts, clever tag-lines and smart, concise business strategy for all my clients.  She’s great as a consultant and is an amazing team player on larger projects. I’m lucky to be one of her strategic partners!" - Melissa K Harris, Graphic Designer

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